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In today’s age of over-the-counter drugs and synthetic health supplements, we often tend to overlook effective remedies that have been around for thousands of years like olive leaves. In the ancient story of Noah’s ark, a dove was sent to find the first sign of life in a flooded world. That first sign of life was a freshly plucked olive leaf. The olive tree was one of the most used plants throughout the ancient world; its wood was used for timber and its fruit was processed to make priced oil. Today, it is common knowledge that olive oil is one of the healthiest oils available.

Olive trees live much longer than any other fruit tree on the planet. Olive leaves have compounds that enable the trees to live for more than 1000 years withstanding extremes of heat and cold, droughts and attacks from pests, viruses and bacteria. Scientific research shows that there are around 100 naturally occurring compounds in fresh olive leaves. These not only produce food for the tree but also work synergistically to provide a very powerful year-round defence system. This defence system is so powerful that it enables the olive tree to live longer than any other fruit tree on earth!

The ancient Egyptians may have been the first people to put olive leaves to practical use. They regarded it as a symbol of heavenly power, and in keeping with that belief, they extracted its oil and used it to mummify their kings. Other cultures found that the leaves were better utilised for the living than for the dead. Over the ages, there is documentation that olive leaves were a popular remedy to combat fevers.


Research suggests that ‘defence’ compounds from fresh olive leaves have the potential to significantly improve human health. These compounds include a group of powerful polyphenolic antioxidants. These defend our cells against attack and damage from free-radicals, helping to prevent degenerative diseases like heart disease and cancer and slowing down the aging process. They are also being researched for a broad spectrum of functions including lowering blood pressure, anti-inflammatory, anti-thrombotic and anti-microbial activity against a variety of viruses, bacteria and yeasts.

Recent studies show that liquid olive leaf extract made from fresh olive leaves has up to 40 times more antioxidants than the best extra virgin olive oils. Fresh olive leaf extract also has 5 times more antioxidant power than Vitamin C, 28 times more antioxidant power than Noni juices and 6 times more than Goji juices.

Today, scientists have also discovered a bitter compound in olive leaves called Oleuropein. Amongst many other benefits, Oleuropein when consumed works within our body to fight many disease causing viruses, yeasts, fungi and dangerous bacteria. In the 1960’s, Italian researchers reported that Oleuropein lowered blood pressure in animals. This triggered a flurry of scientific interest in olive leaves. Other European researchers also confirmed this finding and, in addition, they found it increased blood flow in the coronary arteries, relieve arrhythmia and prevented intestinal muscle spasms. The researchers soon determined that the active ingredient in Oleuropein was a substance called elenolic acid.

By the late 1960's, American researchers found that elenolic acid inhibited the growth of viruses. Among others, it was found to counteract a variety of viruses associated with the common cold in humans. Laboratory experiments at this time further demonstrated an effect against not just viruses, but bacteria and parasitic protozoans as well.

Research and interest in olive leaf extract soon moved forward. Here are some of the most recent findings:

• In a series of experiments, Oleuropein was found to inactivate bacteria by apparently dissolving the outer lining of microbes.

• At the University of Milan Pharmacological Sciences, researchers found that Oleuropein inhibited oxidation of low-density lipoproteins, the so called "bad cholesterol" involved in heart and arterial disease. This can possibly lead to reduced harmful oxidation of cholesterol and slow down the accelerated clumping of blood platelets that can lead to dangerous clots.

• At the University of Granada in Spain, pharmacologists have determined that olive leaf extract causes relaxation of arterial walls in laboratory animals. Such results suggest a possible benefit for hypertension, an effect first mentioned by researchers more than 30 years ago.

• In Tunisia, researchers found that liquid extract of olive leaves reduced hypertension, blood sugar levels, and levels of uric acid in rodents. This finding again indicates potential in the treatment of hypertension, as well as diabetes and heart disease. Elevated levels of uric acid is also a risk factor for heart disease.

For many centuries, Mediterranean people have also used the fresh leaves from the olive tree for their healing properties. Research has recently begun to uncover the full potential of this remarkable therapeutic product and the health benefits of natural Olive Leaf Extract are being published widely throughout the world.

Orifera’s 100% natural Olive Leaf Extract is a multi-use health food supplement and no other known herbal product has demonstrated itself to be as wide spectrum as natural olive leaf extract in antimicrobial and other health-giving benefits.

The Leaves of the Ancient Olive Tree May Contain the Answers to Many of Humanity’s Health Problems


What Professionals Are Saying

Dr James R Privitera, MD, a physician in Covina, California, began using Olive Leaf Extract early in 1995. He says "I think we are just beginning to scratch the surface for what seems to be a very promising and unique herb with multiple applications. We continually hear from patients about new and unexpected benefits. Although we do not have long term perspectives as yet, preliminary clinical results are very positive."

Dr Phil Selinsky from the Institute for Holistic Studies in Santa Barbara, California reported, "Some patients have told me that Olive Leaf Extract took down their dental infections in a matter of hours! The response is quite impressive."

Biochemist Arnold Takemoto reported, "it (Olive Leaf Extract) sure has power; particularly against viruses that are more tenacious! It fills a hole that we haven't been able to fill before. It gives us a new, effective tool."

Benefits of Orifera™ Olive Leaf Extract



How It Works

According to laboratory tests, calcium elenolate in Oleuropein kills viruses by interfering with certain amino acid production processes. This prevents virus shedding, budding or assembly at the cell membranes. Studies suggest that this compound has the ability to penetrate infected host cells and irreversibly inhibit viral replication. In retroviruses, this compound neutralizes the production of the reverse transcriptase enzyme and is believed to neutralize the protease enzyme as well. These enzymes are essential for retroviruses such as HIV to alter the RNA of healthy cells.

Researchers in Europe investigated the properties of Oleuropein and suggested that it inactivated bacteria by dissolving the outer lining of the microbes. More recent studies of oleuropein show that it seems to protect low density lipoproteins from oxidation, thus protecting the cardiovascular system from free-radical damage.

Natural olive leaf extract seems to work as an immune system builder by directly stimulating phagocyte production. It also contains natural flavinoids and esters which create a structural complex that infectious micro organisms do not readily develop resistance to.

Safety and Side Effects

A safety study on calcium elenolate from Oleuropein was laboratory tested with animals and published by the Upjohn Company in 1970. The study concluded that even in doses several hundred times higher than recommended, no toxic or other adverse side effects appeared.

No known studies have been conducted with regards to pregnancy or nursing mothers. Also no known studies of interactions between Olive Leaf Extract and other pharmaceuticals have been performed.

Some people initially experience what is known as Herzheimers Effect. This is a detoxification reaction and not a counteraction to the product.

If any of these symptoms should occur - fatigue, diarrhoea, headaches, muscle and joint aches or flu-like symptoms, reduce the amount taken and drink lots of water until the body can eliminate the toxic waste. Most individuals do not experience such an effect.

The Orifera™ Olive Leaf Extract Difference

Orifera Olive Leaf Extract is made directly from 100% freshly picked olive leaves. The fresh leaves are selected, harvested and extracted within minutes of being picked before any deterioration can occur. The antioxidant plant compounds in olive leaves can be damaged and lose their effectiveness when exposed to excessive heat, light and air. These compounds begin to deteriorate when the leaves are harvested so time is extremely important. There is no storage, drying or damage to the leaves in our extract so their natural key compounds like oleuropein, hydroxytyrosol, caffeic acid, tyrosol and many others are preserved for maximum effectiveness.

Unlike some other olive leaf extracts, our extract is not made from dehydrated or freeze-dried leaves, reconstituted powders or artificially boosted Oleuropein powders. It is made from whole, fresh and live olive leaves so their natural key ingredients are easily bio-available. No toxic chemicals are used in the preparation of our olive leaf extract.

Because of this, you can be sure that Orifera Olive Leaf Extract is of the highest quality, 100% natural, made from fresh leaves and full of the many natural compounds that nature provided. Additionally, it has no artificial flavouring, colouring, preservatives, alcohol, sugar, lactose, starch, yeast, gluten or animal products.

Olive Leaf Extract

In viruses infested times, you’ll be amazed what this olive leaf can help in  times of need.

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Recommended Dosage: To take 1 tea spoon a day after lunch or dinner ( 4 times a day when need arises). You should take Olive Leaf Extract consecutively for 30 days to see and feel the different.

Please note:
: ORIFERA Olive Leaf Extract is not a drug and you cannot expect it to bring about immediate results like with drugs. Unlike drugs, ORIFERA Olive Leaf Extract is a powerful natural immune booster and therefore, supports the body's own natural healing processes. You cannot expect chronic health problems that have been present for years to vanish overnight. Olive Leaf Extract is known to inhibit viruses, Olive leaf Extract is to provide the body with the nutritional elements it needs to heal itself. You have to wait for the body to absorb the nutrients . Sometimes this can take awhile. Use ORIFERA Olive Leaf Extract long enough to see the difference.
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Seek the advice of a competent health care professional for your specific health concerns. Individual results may vary.