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Finally, You Can Indulge Yourself Again With the Nutrients Found in Mother's Milk- From Virgin Coconut Oil! 

Imagine for a moment ; a natural food products with up to 3 times of Lauric Acid than what can be found in the mother’s milk! Traditional wisdom says that mother’s milk is infants best immune boaster, and Scientifically Laurid Acid is required by humans bodies, unfortunately human bodies cannot produce other than from the mother’s milk.

Now researchers discovered that Virgin Coconut Oil can supply all the Laurid Acid needed for boasting our immune system, think of the health benefits that it brings to You!!

Virgin Coconut Oil’s 3500-Year-Old Legacy

For thousands of years
women in tropical countries have used virgin coconut oil to moisturize their skin, lips, make lotions and soaps, as a hair conditioner, and many other things for health and body cares. Thanks to modern research facilities, the ancient wisdom has been proven without a doubt !! Because this virgin coconut oil has a natural texture, comes from a vegetable source and is free from pesticides and other chemicals and contaminants. Did you ever see people use pesticides on coconut trees? NEVER! It is the most resilient and versatile tree which survives in the toughest conditions.

A Pleasant Surprise from Modern Research

Modern research has shown that not all saturated fats are alike and virgin coconut oil is unique in its structural make-up due to its Lauric Acid and medium chain fatty acids - the closest to those found in human breast milk. It is this close similarity with the mother’s milk that makes Virgin Coconut oil an exciting discovery! Some researches commented that it is probably the healthiest oil on Earth! Mother’s milk is scientifically proven as the best immune booster for suckling infants. Imaging what human bodies can benefit from this Virgin Coconut Oil, which the contend of Lauric Acid and medium chain fatty acid in Orifera Virgin Coconut Oil is 3 times higher than the mother’s milk.

The fact that virgin coconut oil is used extensively in baby formula and also in sports drinks and energy bars, speaks of the trust that major manufacturers had on VCO. It is usually described as MCT (medium chain triglycerides), in order to disguise the fact that some form of coconut oil has been used!

The medium chain fatty acids in Orifera virgin coconut oil are more easily digested than fats found in other oils. This is because they are processed directly in the liver and immediately converted into energy. There is therefore less strain on the liver, pancreas and digestive system and, being easily digested, they also tend to improve the absorption of other nutrients.

The Effective Way Of Processing
Virgin Coconut Oil

ORIFERA VCO follows high and strict processing standards of its extra virgin organic oil. Oil is extracted from mature organic aged coconuts using bacteria fermentation technique within 8 to 10 hours. Orifera VCO does not use chemical, enzyme or heat process. As such, it does not affect the molecular structure of the oil. The result of bacterial fermentation yield a fresh purer oil which can be truly called Virgin, which keeps all its nutrient, lauric acids, capric acids, caproic acids, rich in vitamins and minerals and vital amino acids.

ORIFERA VCO is 100% fresh, pure and natural :
• No refining
• No Bleaching
• No heating
• No deodorizers
• No chemicals
• No preservatives
• No stabilizers

ORIFERA VCO naturally solidifies at 25 degrees C to become soft coconut butter. Because of its natural tocopherol content, it does not turn rancid and can easily be kept for 2 years. 

Why Is ORIFERA Virgin Coconut (Coco Nucifera) Oil
Process Different From Others :

There are several methods of processing virgin coconut oil. These methods vary widely in various countries. Among some of the common methods are ; natural fermentation, cold press method, enzymatic method, chemical extraction, heating, centrifuge etc. As such, the purity, freshness and percentage of lauric and capric acid of the virgin coconut varies. In some cases, the molecular structure of the medium chain fatty acid is altered. As some of these processes take 12, 24, 36 and 72 hours to complete, many manufacturers tend to mix them up. Moisture content of these virgin coconut oil tend to be higher. The colour of the virgin coconut oil appear to be translucent. The aromatic aroma of the oil is not present and the oil tend to be slightly acidic due to the presence of acetic acid..

In ORIFERA Virgin Coconut Oil, the processing is using Biotechnology bacteria fermentation technique where more than 92% of the virgin coconut oil is extracted within 8 to 10 hours without using heat and chemical. The residue is then discarded. With this method, the percentage of lauric acid (45% - 50%) and capric acid (4.5 -7.0%) is high and freshness of the oil is maintained. The colour of the oil is transparent and has a good aroma.

Anti- Oxidant in Orifera Virgin Coconut Oil
Soft Gell

As common knowledge, antioxidants are an important way to counter destructive changes in overall health by removing the power of damaging free radicals. Although there are many types antioxidant products in local pharmacy and health food store, the ideal source of antioxidants should be obtained naturally through the foods you eat. When Virgin Coconut Oil is processed from its natural form, and the natural antioxidant in Orifera VCO preserves itself for at least 2 years! Imagine how helpful it will be as it nourishes the human body.

Virgin Coconut Oil is an ideal Nutraceutical product, a food or naturally occurring food supplement that has positive effects on human health. The unique properties in VCO supports the body's own natural defences on possible viral attack and VCO is now one of the most researched products in Universities throughout the world.

The Health Link Between Diseases And Hormones That Further Enhance the Immune System

Medical Discovery Reveals That Hormonal Changes, And Lack of Certain Hormones are Contributing factors That Develop Many Dieases In Human Bodies

Medical researchers have done studies on our hormones and the linkage with our diseases. Dr Ray Peat from University of Oregon discovered that many breast cancer patients suffer a high deficiency of DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) and Pregnenolene hormones in their blood system. DHEA and Pregnenolene hormones are found in abundance in young and healthy adults. Here comes a very interesting link about our Collagen and these two hormones.

Pregnenolone is a precursor of certain sex hormones such as testosterone in the male and estrogen for the female. It is produce by the pituitary gland of the brain and flows freely in the blood stream. Pregnenolone provide high energy levels, good vision, clarity of thinking, well being and libido.

DHEA is well known for its effect in increasing the body’s muscle and libido. It also helps to enhance energy levels. Decreased DHEA levels are known to cause common symptoms of ageing such as reduced skin tightness and moisture (wrinkles formation), exhaustion and weakness, painful joints and muscles, sleep disturbances and dizziness, lack of concentration and depression. In other words, it is an anti-ageing hormone.
The four main functions of DHEA hormone are anti-aging effect, normal regulation of insulin in the blood, cancer prevention and collagen production. It is also known as a collagen producing hormone.

The basic building block for our body collagen is Vitamin C, L-proline and L-lysine. Animals could produce their own Vitamin C and have no or lesser problems of heart attack or cancer. Human has to consume these Vitamin C and essential amino acids from external source. At the same time, DHEA and Pregnenolene hormones found in high amount in our body can further protect the collagen from cancer attacks. All these are the essential building block of our cells. Here lies the secret of our immune system. With plenty of Vitamin C, L-lysine, L-proline, DHEA and Pregnenolene hormones, cancer cells can be confined within a particular area (benign form or tumour) and eliminated with high doses of Vitamin C and anti-oxidants/nutrients. (
as advocated by Dr Linus Pauline)

Mind you this research on hormones link to diseases is not a new school, it started in 1954!! Researches over the generations have confirmed the link and keep repeating the same conclusions. (But somehow no one seems to be bold enough to come out with a solution, maybe there are already some solutions. Somehow along the line was blocked by intimating forces.) If lack of certain natural hormones resulted many diseases, surely if our bodies can produce them will reduce the risk of acquiring such diseases and may reverse the situation.

"Now The Question Is Where on Earth Do We Find Natural DHEA and Pregnenolene Hormones"

You can find it in processed food supplement available on the shelf today, it is acquired externally, consumes and absorbed through digesting system. But really there is nothing compare with the fact that if your own body produces DHEA and Pregnenolene Hormones. So the question is; Is there anything that can stimulate our bodies to produce these 2 hormones in abundance? The answer is YES, we have found it!

From A Most Primitive Source : Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin coconut oil is unique in its structural make-up due to its Lauric Acid and medium chain fatty acids - the closest to those found in human breast milk. Now It is this close similarity with the mother’s milk that makes Virgin Coconut oil an exciting discovery! As you are well aware that Mother’s milk is scientifically proven as the best immune booster for suckling infants. You probably have that immune boosting substance as infants, but as you aged the Lauric Acid contends in your bodies began to decline, thus spell the declining health of your defence system.

Imaging what human bodies can benefit from this Virgin Coconut Oil, which the contend of Lauric Acid and medium chain fatty acid in Orifera Virgin Coconut Oil is 3 times higher than the mother’s milk! Think of the positive effects on your body immune system when you get the boost that you have missed since infancy!

Our livers needed medium chain fatty acid; however our bodies cannot produce such substance. VCO contains medium chain fatty acids, thus provides the link in the chain to give our livers the nutrients needed. Cars without oil will not move, imagine how pleasant it would be for our livers to get the “oil” needed to function with optimum effects. Studies in Universities all over the world shown that VCO indeed contains the nutrients needed by the organs in human bodies.

For example the lymphatic system is made up of lymphatic vessels that run parallel to the blood veins in our body. The vessels of the lymphatic system are filled with fluid called lymph that is collected from the space between the cells in our body. The lymph fluids feed our cells by transporting various nutrients such as salts, minerals and proteins to every cell in our body. Lymph fluids also carry away cell waste that accumulates from normal cell functions into our bloodstream. The blood then carries away the waste to our kidneys, lungs, colon and skin for elimination.

Virgin Coconut Oil, because it contains medium chain fatty acids (MCFA), is not absorbed into the blood stream or stored as fat in our body. It becomes part of lymph fluid and travels the lymphatic system to be used by our body for energy. Because MCFA’s are easily absorbed by the energy-producing organelles in our cells, metabolism increases. This burst of energy has a stimulating effect on the entire body. Many people, those with good health, those with significant health problems and those who are overweight notice a speeding up of their metabolism and body temperature when they add virgin coconut oil to their diet.

As VCO increased your energy, there are other very important benefits of boosting your metabolic rate: it helps protect you from illness and speeds healing. When metabolism is increased, cells function at a higher rate of efficiency. They heal injuries quicker, old and diseased cells are replaced faster and new cells are generated faster to replace the worn-out ones. Even the immune system may function better, as an added benefit, the healthy medium chain fatty acids found in virgin coconut oil also speed up the body's metabolism burning more calories and promoting weight loss naturally.

Virgin Coconut Oil Is The Answer For Your Body To Produce The ALL SO Important Hormones That are So Crucial to Our Immune System: DHEA and Pregnenolene Hormones

Studies have shown that Virgin coconut oil can regulate the thyroid glands and balance the hormones production in both male and female. Many men and women who suffered from hypothyroidism (swelling and thickening of the neck), after taking VCO resulted in tremendous improvement and much thanks to this nature’s gifts of oil. Most amazingly The Lauric Acid in VCO is the key generator for our immune system to produce the much needed DHEA and Pregnenolene Hormones!! The following chart show how it works..


Thyroid Gland (Master Gland)

To produce Thyroxine

Thyroxin converts
LDL ( Low density lipoprotein- Bad Blood Cholesterol )
into 4 types of hormones

1.Prohormones –2.Pregnenolene—3.DHEA —4.Progestesterone

LDL is one of the causes for Cardiovascular diseases. It is accumulated in our blood arteries and blockage will result in stroke and other complications. But when our Thyroid gland is functioning as it should, generated by the nutrients/Lauric acid in Virgin Coconut Oil, and thus producing the much needed Thyroxine naturally in our system. Thyroxine will then convert the excessive LDL into the much needed hormones as mentioned above. This reduces the artheriosclerosis process which is one of the main causes of stroke. This makes VCO the natural nutrients that you should not ignore!!

I've personally benefited immensely from this ancient formulation and am really delighted that I have the opportunity to introduce it to all the folks in the world so that every one of us can get the all natural immune booster from Virgin Coconut Oil. As I have shown that VCO is not a drug, in fact it doesn’t even produce the vital hormones in our bodies. What it does is to provide the Lauric Acid needed for our system to self- generate the hormones which are needed since infancy!!

"Three Reasons To Try Out What We Have Discovered."

Reason One: Virgin Coconut Oil is being researched in major Universities of the world. The Philippines have used it for Aids research. Virgin Coconut Oil is continuing to be consumed by ethnic groups that have benefited from it for thousands of years!

Reason Two: If you ask for an approved drug to produce the natural hormones which we have mentioned. You may not find it in your life time or even your children life time. The stimulant of immune system with Virgin Coconut Oil is already here since eon of time.

Reason Three: You are searching for a natural immune boaster for your body, and to enhance your defence system against possible health problems. Here is the solution you can depend on, the all natural health food that is scientifically correct and may actually do the job as described; by Orifera Virgin Coconut Oil. 

Virgin Coconut Oil - Softgel

Our all times best sellers, innumerable people have benefited from this Nature’s Gift of Oil Our all times best sellers, innumerable people have benefited from this Nature’s Gift of Oil.

RM 53.00 / Bottle
Orders within Malaysia will arrive 1 - 4 days after payment is received

Net Wt 50 Soft gel Capsules 
USFDA Reg No: 14780734662
Approved by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia

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Recommended Dosage: To take minimum 2 soft gels a day after lunch or dinner (maximum 4 a day when need arises). You should take VCO consecutively for 90 days to see and feel the different.

Please note:
ORIFERA virgin coconut oil is not a drug and you cannot expect it to bring about immediate results like with drugs. Unlike drugs, ORIFERA virgin coconut oil is a nutraceutical food and therefore, supports the body's own natural healing processes. You cannot expect chronic health problems that have been present for years to vanish overnight. ORIFERA virgin coconut oil is not a cure for any particular disease or health problem. What it does is provide the body with the nutritional elements it needs to heal itself. You have to wait for the body to absorb the nutrients . Sometimes this can take awhile. Use ORIFERA virgin coconut oil long enough to see the difference.
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Seek the advice of a competent health care professional for your specific health concerns. Individual results may vary.