“Photosynthesis Enhancement. "And Soil Re-habilitation To Healthier, Better Yield For Palm Oil Trees.

Basic Plant Science: The leaves produce carbohydrates (sugars) to feed the plant itself; and some 60% of the sugars that the plant produced will be channeled to the root hair to feed fungi and bacteria.

Increased in palm sugar in the soil through the roots greatly increased nitrogen-fixing bacteria and nitrification bacteria. So plants feed sugar to bacteria and bacteria feeds the plant.

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    Plants grow by converting CO2—also found in air—to carbon through photosynthesis, and the leaves of plants also produce sugars to feed the plants. Some of this sugar will be channeled through the roots to feed microbial lives; which in turn help the trees to process its own nutrients. If photosynthesis can be enhanced by a collection of plant nutrients, then more sugars may then be produced to feed the trees and along with that, the inter-related microbial that help feed the trees maybe quantified.

    Europeans are now using "Carbon Dioxide Fertilization," to enhance photosynthesis, by providing additional CO2 for plants to produce more sugars; yield of Tomatoes and Bell peppers can now increases up to 50%. Plant Renewal is a combination of plants’ nutrients to enhance photosynthesis, to facilitate the leaves to increase the production of sugars.

  • Results On Oil Palm Trees

    Data of Natives Plantation Land in ASAP, Belaga District, Sarawak. Yield in a block of 219 trees, average 12 years old. May 2019- September 2019; Monthly application once a month. (Rejuvenate period.) From October2019- April 2020 registered an average yield of 1.41 ton per-acre monthly, over a six month period.

Try it out on your Palm trees for 6 months, let the result speak for itself.

“Plant Renewal 500 ml“

- Contains Wood Vinegar, Chitosan & other plants nutrients.
- Help root grows and branching.
- Enhance photosynthesis of the plants
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Photosynthesis Enhancement,” by means to enlarge the sizes of the Palm Fronds and promote extensive roots growth. This makes fronds increase sugar production; increase sugar means abundant food for the trees, the roots, and microbial lives, and in turn the microbial lives process nutrients for the plants..

It is a combination of Plant’s Nutrients that stimulate healthy growth of fronds; with nutrients for larger and longer fronds that help to produce lots of sugar for the plants.